You can buy the brochure at the following locations

Proud to say that Icelandair sells the Icelandic Coupons brochure on board their in-flight store, Saga Shop. When buying through Saga Shop, you get the brochure, access to the app and a Vodafone sim-card ready for use during your stay in Iceland. The whole package for only ISK 1000 (approx $10).
Europcar car rental is the largest car rental company in Iceland and plays a big role in welcoming tourists to Iceland. One of the key thing when renting a car is to get the actual key and the Icelandic Coupons brochure. Enjoy Iceland for less !
Quick and convenient shopping all around Iceland. Buy your Icelandic Coupons brochure on the go!
You can get warm and affordable clothing and accessories in Icewear stores. You get 15% discount with the Icelandic coupons offer as well as buying the brochure in Icewear stores.