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About Us

Icelandic Coupons is a family run business established in 2015. Enjoying Iceland can be really expensive but our goal has been to make it more affortable so you don‘t have to empty your bank account for a trip to our beautiful island. Now you can enjoy top restaurants, bars, cafés, shopping, adventures & entertainment in Iceland for a much lower price by using the discounts provided. You can either buy the brochure or download the app.

The Icelandic Coupons brochure:

We have dedicated our time to find the most popular places for you to explore while in Iceland so you don’t have to waste your precious time wondering if you are choosing the right one’s during your stay. Furthermore, you get discounts at all of them that are valid every single day, also on weekends. You can buy the brochure at many locations and for further information about that you can click here.

The Icelandic Coupons app:

The Icelandic Coupons app is a digital version of the brochure. It updates continuously throughout each month, it’s like a fresh coupon buffet at your fingertips. The only thing you have to do is download the app and you are ready to go. Available for Android and iOS users and for more information click here.

The Icelandic Coupons app features: